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Finished watching last three episodes of Season 6... since I'm getting season seven in a week's time ^^ "Full Circle" was... interesting....

Stargate SG1 audio commentaries.. I love those! Watched "Absolute Power" , "The First Ones" , "Window of Opportunity" with Audio Commentaries... great fun and lotsa interesting information.. really get to see how the show works and how they do the shots and stuff...and they really sound like they're enjoying it as well...not just the actors but the Directors, the art department, the SFX people, the props... (RDA keeps breaking props... ^^ Heehee)

Peter DeLuise and Robert Cooper are funny when they do the commentaries! They end up doing little voice overs for some scenes....

"Window of Opportunity", LOVE that episode! has gotta be the funniest I've seen thus far! (well that moment in 'Holiday' when Jack and Teal'c switch bodies and Hammond asks them how it went and
< Teal'c, in Jack's body > :: calm, stoic, hands behind back :: it did not go well General Hammond...
< Jack, in Teal'c's body > :: typical Jack moment :: ya THINK?! )

And "Absolute Power" -- evil Daniel, nuff said ^^
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