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Did not sleep too well today...could've been because Richard was restless because of the lightning and the after effects of the storm... (okay we've had storm with ice...what next? Hurricane?! ) what's up with that anyway... ?

Damage not so bad...gotta replace some lights....plant a few plants again...fix the net around the pool...dry out a few carpets...shouldn't be a big deal...

however we did have an electricity spike over here earlier...oy...and refraining from using A/Cs today, in case they got flooded...since we've had trouble with that before.. they shorted out the fuse box.. not good...

And I'm the usual procrastinator... been doing research on assignments, but not really started writing anything yet.. need to do that.. prep a power point presentation for IACT302 as well...and there's also a few essays due next week...just need to get research organized and write 'em up...word going around that the essays due on Saturday and Monday may be due Wednesday instead, so that'll be better for me...

Getting ready for chorus practice meetings today... only got one thing on Ops agenda as far as I know.. and that's moving the risers...

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