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Second time.. in a year... I go out (having major doubts before agreeing to go out with mom and Darky) and ending up stuck in a mall during a storm.. this time full fledged wind, rain, with ice bits falling all over the place ... O_O (something REALLY rare for this place... storm, or ice... ) damaged a few cars there... crashed a few things.. yeah...few accidents on the roads as well..and some real idiots in places laughing as ice fell on some cars... (morons, made me think "you know.. it'd be REALLY funny if you walk outside and your car's all smashed up as well...." )

Damage at home: pool shade ripped off, plants toppled over...flooded entrances...parents bedroom flooded...wet carpets....will have to take a closer look tomorrow morning, can't really see everything at night at this point as some lights have been KOed as well..not much you can see with a flashlight, not the bigger picture anyway... parents TV's KOed as well.. my Showtime still works.. which is.. whoa.. gotta hand it to them... nice job securing the satellite there.. lived through two really bad storms....

Apparently Darky can't take the pressure...he got all freaked out and was practically jumping outta his skin when ice started falling...and he was INSIDE! I actually ventured outside, to have a look see.. (did stay under the building...gettin' killed by ice isn't the way I wanna leave this place....) wasn't all THAT bad...commotion here and there... people rushing to get out...Mom was all angsty about stuff, I've no idea how I manage to be so... calm about things like this....guess SOMEONE has to keep the nerve when everyone else in your present company is freaking out...

Lightning's still there...Richard's a tad freaked out still...poor thing...aiy...

Oh by the way... small milestone 'ere... 1000th LJ entry ^^

Me go sleep now...maybe....

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