Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

Hmm... up at 3...woke up at three anyway... read for an hour and thensome, finally decided to get up because well ain't gonna sleep anymore so may as well stop lying around in bed... 4 hours sleep right there... and this is my "week off" HA HA! They're kidding right?

I finally got some NCIS wallpapers as well as the theme from NCIS... yay! Found 'em on a French site thanks to celticmelody from the NCIS community on LiveJournal...

Site's in French... I can still remember the language, even after not using it for oh... the past 4 years now? actually five... since 1999, pretty much...

Wonder if it's too early for some coffee right now... :: looks at clock :: mree... 0510... why not..
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