Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

Note to self: never watch NCIS whilst eating...not that I get queasy or anything, it's just looks weird 's all... I kinda like the characters on NCIS... tho' wonder if Abby ever gets out of that lab....O_O; and the show storylines are based on real cases that have been de-classified...nice...Military CSI sorta show that one... "NCIS anything like CSI?" "Only if you're dyslexic" the humor in there as well...very appealing over all..

In other news...raspy voice.. getting used to that now.. cough a lot too, because my throat dries out quickly so I have to drink a lot of water, which I do...

Might have to look into different allergy meds after Eid, if this whole thing continues... but trouble is, very few work on me... darned my blasted immunity towards a lot of meds on the market...

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