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Building websites....

GAH.. my brain just went "BLANK"

I know WHAT to do with the chorus website.. I know what I want on there, how I want it... but when I go to play around with Dreamweaver, my mind just goes "::SKID:: BLANK" and I can't do anything.... O_O;

Which kinda stinks... knowing exactly what you want to do and not being able to implement it.. or at least START it... need something to start me off, i got the layout idea and the content for the frames I want to do... but my mind just goes blank when I actually try doing it... it's like "what was it I wanted to do?"

:: tug at hair :: frustrating, that is....

Anybody out there who's good at website building and can sorta gimme a few pointers? or maybe a shove in the right direction? I know there are tons of tutorials on there, and I've gone through a bundle of 'em when I first started toying with websites (which were never made public...) but now I'm working on one that's going to be public, so I'll have to make it look.. nice...

edit: okay now i'm gettin' somewhere....sort of...erf...need to tone my PSP skills tho'... can't even make an image transparent.. let alone fiddle with button text...See I got this image in my head in terms of what I want and where I want it and how I want it... but implementing it... I don't think I have the skills.. and frankly I don't think I can learn 'em in a week...maybe if I didn't have so many assignments due the week we come back from the break....::grumble::

God I suck! x_x;

Edit2: or maybe I'm NOT getting anywhere.... ARGH! :: pull at hair :: GAH


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Nov. 12th, 2004 06:16 pm (UTC)
I could attempt to make a few pointers, but I'd have to see what you've got so far. If you don't feel like posting it here you can email me the URL at mfiske6@yahoo.com if you like. So long as it's not DHTML, XML, pearl or something off-shoot like that I can help. HTML, CSS, Photoshop and a little bit of javascript and PHP are currently in my arsenal of stuff.

Nov. 12th, 2004 06:43 pm (UTC)
Well it's a mockup....so it's not the actual finalised site or anything of the sort (no content yet, I've yet to get most of it from the management team and write up the history and the like )

Final version will most likely be in PHP, but the mockup is going to be in HTML and yours truly seems to have forgotten her manual HTMLing skills aside the basic tags...

I've never used FrontPage and Dreamweaver to make pages unless it was something like formatting or a quick fix.. used to do it all manually... but I haven't done any of it in oh...3-4 years...now that I need it it my mind just goes blacnk every time I open notepad and I can't make Dreamweaver do what I want it to do :: twitch::

here's the .zip file tho'

as said, not much in there, and it took me a while to get to that as well. (most of it still in the works) There's a .doc file of what will be in there. Sections and subsections... the "-" are seperate sections, the "o" are sub-sections of the sections.

Funny how I know what I want, and where I want it but can't implement it... highly irritating... oy...

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