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Building websites....

GAH.. my brain just went "BLANK"

I know WHAT to do with the chorus website.. I know what I want on there, how I want it... but when I go to play around with Dreamweaver, my mind just goes "::SKID:: BLANK" and I can't do anything.... O_O;

Which kinda stinks... knowing exactly what you want to do and not being able to implement it.. or at least START it... need something to start me off, i got the layout idea and the content for the frames I want to do... but my mind just goes blank when I actually try doing it... it's like "what was it I wanted to do?"

:: tug at hair :: frustrating, that is....

Anybody out there who's good at website building and can sorta gimme a few pointers? or maybe a shove in the right direction? I know there are tons of tutorials on there, and I've gone through a bundle of 'em when I first started toying with websites (which were never made public...) but now I'm working on one that's going to be public, so I'll have to make it look.. nice...

edit: okay now i'm gettin' somewhere....sort of...erf...need to tone my PSP skills tho'... can't even make an image transparent.. let alone fiddle with button text...See I got this image in my head in terms of what I want and where I want it and how I want it... but implementing it... I don't think I have the skills.. and frankly I don't think I can learn 'em in a week...maybe if I didn't have so many assignments due the week we come back from the break....::grumble::

God I suck! x_x;

Edit2: or maybe I'm NOT getting anywhere.... ARGH! :: pull at hair :: GAH

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