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Hectic hours....

whoa... Showtime tech came around noon...took a few minutes to change the receiver.. was wondering if I were in the TV industry or a TV Producer because of all the photos and posters hanging in my room... okay so I got a couple of signed pictures and

and apparently my parents bought a new cooker, so the people came to deliver and install that as well.. and apparently they also had a guy come in and put all the fragile stuff behind boards so it wouldn't break during transport... all on one day at nearly the same hour...and mom also wanted me to put away my shoes, hang up the laundry....all in between watching the guys put the cooker up and making sure the other guy boards up the right cargo... x_x; I tell ya... I'm not exactly able to be in several places at once.... mom was rather.. yelly... I hate that... 's not me she's angry at... but she takes it out on me in the end because no one else was home...

Why do Dad and Darky have a tendency to schedule things at exact same time and not inform everybody else? Or inform but be WAY off on the ETA....cooker was supposed to have been delivered at 1700 not at 1300...guy with the boards was supposed to have come in at 1500 not at 1300...

I mean okay, Dad I can kinda understant... military thinking... expects everyone to be ready anytime any day....but Darky.... hnnng....

and of course people pick this time to swarm me IMs..when I'm not near the computer and had no time to put the Away message on...

Das it.... I need coffee.... otherwise I'm gonna... I'm gonna.. go sane!

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