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Chorus practice went nice... I just need to get organized and figure out the risers and whatnot for the performances... and the transportation of risers for the performances... O_O; Operations team is pretty dormant during the season, but at the end of the season, closer and during performances... WOW.. we get busy....and I get to be the leader of this team there ^^ heee....

rehearsal left me a little hoarse... which means I'm not practicing enough during the week/I'm close to getting a cold....whichever one it is, it's not good in either case.....

Funny how I'm not tired tired right now.. I am.. but not to the point of "flop over, zzzz" just to the point of...."I need to get to bed otherwise I won't wake up tomorrow" other days I come home totally exhausted...

Showtime guys coming over tomorrow...1130ish to change my receiver... Marketing Midterm on Thursday...then a week.. well no.. no week off.. HAH.. way too many assignments due the week we come back from the 'break' :: grumble :: Now got Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday as due dates for several assignments...and I also have to finish the chorus website mock-up by that week as well (obviouslycan't finish the WHOLE site, but just a general mock-up site which will kinda show them where I'm going and how everything will be like..)... so yeah.. no break for me... aiy... meh.. I'll get a break when I kick the bucket... and push up the daisies...

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