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Funny that...

I woke up today with the lyrics from "Another Day" ringing in my head.... Yesterday it was "Open Road" today it's "Another Day".... hmm.. wonder if someone's trying to tell me something here...I mean, okay it happened once...okay fine... twice and you just gotta take a closer look see... You know it wouldn't actually be such a bad idea... take lyrics from a song and make that the theme for the day... who knows... heh..

So far, today has been.. augh! for me.. to say the least.. Blocked nose, and extremely irritated eyes in the morning.. Threw up after drinking some juice...Feel like crud right now, and my Systems Analysis midterm in about to start... I'm ready for it.. despite my wrists and body telling me otherwise.. well it's MCQs.. not much writing/drawing. Eye drops making me like a druggie... everything's swimming in my head and I get this dull headache, that's dull probably because of all the eyedrops in my system at this point.. and no I don't overdose.. I follow the eye doctor's instructions on how many times I oughta put in what and in which order...

Aiy ... oh well... midterm time..... one hour long...
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