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oooh oooh.. got my hands on Paint Shop Pro 8.... oughta play around with it soon as I finish transferring my CDs.....I did 45 CDs yesterday.. figure I can do same amount or more today if possible; cuz I want to get this thing over with as soon as possible so that the CDs aren't piled up on the floor in 2 nice neat piles with 30 more CDs on my desk.....

Coincidentally yes I should be in class... but since I drove through the fog; we came late; there's no sens ein going to the first hour of the lecture when it's only 10 minutes before 'break' anyway.....temperature here finally coming down to the 60s.....Richard got soaked with dew in the morning when he went outside.....funny how a long furred animal suddenly looks really thin when you get 'im wet


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