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Daily Shtuff (Some political rambling / local news)

Went home earlier today... feeling like total crud...allergies spiked up because of the move I think.. all the dust and crud.. re-shuffling books and whatnot.... augh...

Okay apparently Sheikh Zayed, the President of UAE died...

For about 3 years now they've been kinda telling that he's gonna die the year during Ramadan.....come 2004, Ramadan, he kicks the bucket... wonder what's gonna happen now...he led the country from 1971, which was when it was formed.. so he's basically the 'father' of UAE....

yes technically we don't have your typical Presidential elections going on... we got Sheikhs and Princes and whatnot...but we *do* have the President and Vice President as well as Prime Minister and whatnot ( and apparently our VP is also the Prime Minister, so go figure how THAT works...) and unlike other countries that choose their President, we, the people don't here... the actual current leaders of the 7 Emirates get to choose...

I've no idea what's gonna happen now.... there are rumors that one of Zayed's sons is a total "Islamist" (i.e. UAE could very well end up just like Saudi Arabia; females cover up even if you're not a muslim, females can't work anywhere but schools and hospitals, non-muslims get shunned, Westernization is banned and 'traditional' ways are forced onto the people amongst other things...) considering how Dubai's been booming over the past few years, if this guy gets to rule the country, UAE's screwed...

Kinda intersting how when UAE gets into CNN, it's either an air crash, or this sorta thing...

Now got CNN on in the background, following the US elections...I did four years ago... seen some woman tell a story that the computerised voting system isn't all it's cracked up to be... she voted for Kerry and the preview panel showed her voting for Bush and Co, so she complained to the people there, who claimed she must've voted wrong.. went to re-check and she DID vote for Kerry, the machine just messed it up and switched 'em to Bush... tsk tsk.. those Republicans.. >:P

And when Kerry voted for himself.. this *IDIOT* reporter asked him "was it a tough choice" ... what's Kerry to say "yeah it was a very tough choice..." course he's gonna say? "No i couldn't decide who to vote for" that's gonna make 'im look bad there.. tho it'd been funny if he voted for the other guy... wonder what the reaction would be like on that one...

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