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Okay so dad didn't want to take me there today... says weekend is weekend.. mrr.. I'm a workaholic okay!? I enjoy myself at work..>.<

aaaand My NOMAD Zen's messing up

No matter which headphones I connect; the sound comes out like there's a problem with the headphones, but there isn't.. I tested 'em on my audio system and they work fine

Thought it could be software issues.... I downloaded some yesterday, installed it at home, but no go..

And my battery seems to die even before I use it up... oy...recharge it twice in the last two days... and I hardly used it.. O_O; cuz I can't really hear anything even if I put the volume all the way up...

I e-mailed Creative asking whether they had any dealers here (all I can see on the site are Asia, Europe, US, etc. but no Middle Eastern ones...) still waiting on the reply...meanwhilst I gotta go dig out my CD player and make some quickie CDs with the songs I listen to most....may look into getting a mini MP3 player (MuVo or something) depends how much it costs tho'... and it depends on whether I can get the Nomad fixed... be a pain getting a new one... they're at least 300 bucks a piece here....don't exactly have that lying around anywhere...

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