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Moving the library : Day 2

Yikes...packers came... Jane and I were both tempted to tell the packers to shuush.. (force of habit ^^) but they got most of everything out today.. and started assembling it at the new place...tomorrow (technically a day off) but we're gonna come in and put the books back up and make sure everything's set up and etc....I'm not sure if I can come in though... depends if Dad can drop me off there...if not I'll have to make it up on Saturday...(well technically extra hours, not really 'making up' but I want to do something more than just changing records and doing a wee bit of packing.. the unpacking is really the big job.. putting everything in the right spots and all...)

Did finish that changing records from Main beach Road to Main thing... WHOOHOO! 't was a big project.. several thousand materials had to be changed....all manually... but at least it's over with now...

And there are still people walking in and goin "what? you're moving? where? Why?" and "You're closed?!?! How come?!"

Honest people... read the notices on the boards, on the doors of the library! That's kinda why we put 'em on colored paper now! so they'll catch people's eyes...apparently some are so ignorant/blind that they wouldn't know it if it came to them and shook their hands then beat 'em upside the head... and of course there's the "oh what's going on here? You're closed? Why? How come we can't use the library? Can I borrow a book?" Lesse... you walk in there.. the circulation desk is disassembled and packed up... all but one computers have been packed up... stationery has been taken away... most books have been packed up into boxes.. oh yeah.. SURE! you can borrow a book! No problem!! Aiy

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