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Been clearing out my room today and yesterday....... I think I'm restless because of all the crud that's going down in Bolivia at the moment... :-/ just want something to occupy my mind so I'm finally doing things that I'd never do otherwise or it'll take me ages to get to because I'm either too busy or something like that....I guess anyway... OY

finally started transferring my CD collection to MP3 format onto my external Hard Disk; just in case any of the CDs get spoiled...already had to by another ABBA CD because the other one was left in the Jeep for the summer and reufsed to play on any CD player....

Bad thing.. I got 140+ CDs.... spacewise it's ok,.. the HDD is 120 Gigs, and it's about a Gig per 20 albums so space-wise it's not a problem... however time-wise.... it takes about 15 minutes to transfer one album (of course it depends on size/length of each song and yadda) .... THIS will take me a few months..... :S but I recon I'll get there at one point...

and no this isn't illegal....
A. I own the original CDs for the music
B. I'm not distributing the resulting MP3s over the net/ selling/giving them to people
C. They're for my own use only and I'm not making any profit off of it

granted it depends which country you're in; but copyright laws in UAE are vague anyhow...besides it's not like i'm using these for profit.. or even planning to...

it's just something to take up my time so I won't go bonkers with worry..... aiye.. :-/


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