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Got a class in 15 minutes... aiye.... why do they have to put Accounting classes so late at night? (6:30 PM till 9:30 PM) alas two more weeks and I can wave good bye to those little night sessions... of course then I got the final in September.....which is the downside.... why do they have finals anyway? Forget that, why do they make a computer science major take accounting??????

1. it's not like I'm going to be an Accountant
2. it's not like I'll even NEED the information they're teaching us in my future career (whatever the heck that will be, but it sure ain't gonna be Accounting!)
3. most of the things we learn in college are rarily referred to in the future of an individual, from an individual's memory at that. (that's why we have manuals and handbooks! no professional can do things without a handbook and no professional in any field of work can remember all the rules and regulations and codes and whatever else.)

It's all a big scam to get people to pay up money for the so-called education...... how much of what you learn in college, are you really going to use in life? small percentage perhaps (unless you went to a really good college and you had really good teachers, which is rare nowadays anyhow) but you're never going to use 100% of what you've learned in college.... so why all the exams and all that.. ?? why can't they just test us on what's relevant to our careers/programs and what we can actually USE in life....???


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