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College Shtuff

Systems Analysis and Design homework complete.. we had to do a network diagram and caclulate the Early Completion time, the Late Completion time, and the slack time.

It's actually quite fun. I drew it by hand first, then entered the data into Microsoft Project to see if I was right. I was ^^ printed off the chart, worked off the late, early and slack time by hand from that. It's not due till Sunday/Tuesday (not exactly sure which.. during lecture or tutorial...but either way it's done now ^^) Now if I can just fit the diagrams on one page, otherwise I'm gonna have to submit it on two A4 sheets glued together.. and if it's any smaller, it's hard to read...and if I do it by hand it's super messy because yours truly can't draw diagrams and such that well...

Will have to read chapter 4 and 5 on Fri/Sat and do the questions there, or try to anyway...

Finished off the Marketing tutorial questions that are due on Sunday....actually I did those during the lecture...had the question sheet in front of me along with the slides, so why wait..? Answers where in the slides anyway.

Meeting for IACT303 on Saturday, finalising the details and whatnot so I can put up the subdomain and start work on the forums of the site.

No assignments for IACT302 thus far; aside reading the chapters, and I'm a few chapters ahead there, so...

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