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One day weekends

suck...well they are not much of weekends...reading Systems Development, taking notes, going over the slides... read IACT302 text last week; didn't really get a chance to sleep that much.. heh...

About the only exciting thing is I got a fraudulent e-mail claiming to be from PayPal...Since I don't even own a PayPal account, I don't see how they want to verify my details and whatnot...

Oh yeah upgraded AIM to the latest version...and LJ did an upgrade recently too in layout.. what's with everyone upgrading and stuff?

Aiy.. early day tomorrow...

and I *FINALLY* managed to link my AIM screen names together....rather the ISP finally let me... now I can talk to myself! :P Okay so now I'm under AltJessieSK and DanielJacksonSGO, pretty much.. ^_^ the SGO one being for SGO business, so to speak, so yeah...

nyeh off to watch some TV then go to sleep...
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