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Got my license changed fairly quickly... just pay 'em USD40 and you get the new one... passport however.... since I've never had a national passport back home since I moved here when I was on my mom's passport.... the only passport I got now is the international one... BUUUUT.... once you reach 18 you can't renew the passport without having a national one.... or a note on your international passport that you moved to a country forever.... in order to get that note you need a note on your national passport saying you no longer have a place to live in the country..... confused yet?! This is why I hate politics........they get so rallied up that the normal citizen has to spend half his/her life running around from table to table and from office to office in order to let the stupid 'system' leave 'im alone and not bug 'im for whatever reason....

Me and dad will try talking to the consul tomorrow morning to try get thigns sorted out without me having to go home and spend half a year there to get a national passport... (because they never do things easily, it takes times and blah blah blah..) and leaving this country is something I can't do.....not in the middle of studies and work... I told that to the guy at the consulate he just went "'s not my problem" uh-huh, why the heck is he there then? Isn't he there to handle our problems? No guess not.. they're there to cause the problems for us......aiye I could've punched him if there wasn't a bullet-proof window between us... Grrrr...


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