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College shtuff and some other random stuff

Woke up with a sore throat, watery eyes and a blocked nose and now got a ringing in my head :: twitch:: ...something tells me I oughta stop sleeping altogether now ^^ judging by how much I gotta do this semester...

I took a glance at the MARK301 and IACT303 outlines at work yesterday.. another major assignment for MARK301 and tons of small ones and a big one (website) for IACT303...

Okay now only if I didn't get bored easily with these things.... :S ya hear that brain? don't get bored easily!

I start out all excited and whatnot, but then get bored somewhere inna middle and just go 'meh'

I need to print out all BUSS211 slides and get 'em bound...

and need to go to Spinney's and see if "Room Service" is released here, and buy it if it is...

not necesarilly today, but sometime before the next management team meeting I need to start toying with a layout for the Chorus website. which means I got roughly two weeks...I've already been toying with the content of the site; what's gonna be on there and such..but I can't go ahead with anything before it's cleared with the management team. Won't be anything flashy or anything of that sort cuz yours truly sucks at this sorta thing...I can try whacking two rabits with one stone, do the chorus site for the IACT303 major project thing, if she'll let me that is.. I gotta ask Dr. Nidhal today since I got the lecture today anyway.

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