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Oh great...

Oh great.. guess what song I have stuck in my head now... 'Open Road' by BA. Not that that's a bad thing ^^ it's not, really!

They played it twice on the radio today, new single.. of course the album's still not out here yet.. :: grumbles :: but, I'm waiting ^^ few more days won't kill me I'm sure.. tho' that's debatable... :: sweatdrop::

great when I make new filters for my e-mail to automatically delete anything that has the word [***SPAM***] in there (as pre-set by the filter on our e-mail server/main computer here at home to recognoze spam from legit e-mail, it doesn't catch everything, but out of the 100+ messages i get a day, 90% of them are marked with that tag, so it's okay...) I get no's like they're watching me ^^ set up new filters, you get no spam mail...otherwise you get about 2-3 every minute... :: grumbles :: that's just... I don't know... :: laff ::
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