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Management Meeting

management meeting went okay...I quite enjoyed it actually despite the fact that we had to work there... women I don't mind being around; they're mature enough NOT to talk about men and clothes most of the meeting...

Inventory is a constant work in progress...I don't know what I was thinking when I said I'll do it...

And guess who decided to kick herself into using her rusted up HTML/JavaScript/Webdesign skills and built a website? Yeps.. me.. Going to do the chorus site ^^ why? cuz they said they wanted a site but didn't know anyone who could do it; I said I would tackle it if they wanted me to. (not that I'm THAT confident in my skills, but I think I need something to kick myself inna butt and get back into it; this looks like a good thing...)

Right now, due to lack of sleep last night, and lack of coffee today, I can barely stand on my own feet; and got a doozy of a headache because I'm tired beyond tired... so I think I'm going to hit the hay...

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