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Autumn 2004-2005 Semester

Aight.. taking a look at the subjects I should take next semester...

So far I've got:
IACT303 - Worldwide Networking
MARK301 - Marketing on the Internet
CSCI213 - Java
BUSS211 - Requirement Determination and Systems Analysis
IACT302 - ?

Not quite sure what the IACT302 one yet, he said it's something about Networking or something...IACT subjects aren't supposed to be too technical so..

I need to chase down the subject outlines for the other subjects tho'; get the books and see how I should throw my time around and what to focus on more..I'd say Java is the one that's gonna take up most of my time.. programming.. :: twitch:: Of course I take Java provided I pass CSCI121 ::sweatdrop::
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