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Yeah...I'm a beta tester for GMail ^^ sort of.. the 1Gig mailbox and such.. they're quite nifty thus far.. I skimmed through the features and etc.. it's not compatible with Opera yet, and my Internet Explorer is being blocked by Etisalat (stupid ISP) so I only had a short amount of time to check things out on the main computer...

so... that said...yet another e-mail addy:
JessieClawson @ (no space before and after @)

I'm thinking of transfering stuff from my emirates account to that one, close the Emirates one, as I get far too much spam..100+ e-mails a day.. easily...

I was gonna watch a movie tonight, but no... had to help out with the spare parts... sort stuff out and yadda yadda.. and pack...scotch sounds gimme a headache... ::twitch::

Got half a glass of Foster's Beer here, no I don't drink it every day... why do people even LIKE beer?! ::twitch at taste:: but gotta have some; doc's orders...not quite sure, but she did say it's not necesarry to get drunk or drink every single day; once/twice a week in little amounts is fine.

So now it's almost 10PM and I gotta go to.. wait.. why do I have to go to bed earlier anyway? No uni, nothing early in the morning; oh that's right.. I don't sleep in past 6:30-7:00 am now...d'oh...mrr.. may watch something... comedy I'm in the mood for comedy.. need that...definitely...may watch a Stargate SG1 episode; one of the funny ones; they do at least one every season that's just pure comedy in terms of things...(Wormhole Extreme, 1969, etc...) of course other episodes are quite humorous in their own way; nicely written dialogue....

Mmm.. I think I'll go watch Stargate now...
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