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Oookay.. what gives?

Why did I just get a wild urge to start writing Stargate SG1 fics?! O_O;;

I'm seriously thinking this one over... derr....

Me writing Stargate fan fiction.. hmm.. scary thought? maybe... ^_^

I mean not that I stink at writing, and I do love it.... but it's kinda spurr of the moment thing for me...

Here's an example of those...moments... written during a lecture.

Here's the thread that sort of explains that thing above... First post written by Aragorn, second one by myself and Aragorn as a joint post and the third one's purely me, the direct link to that is the first link here.

Coming up with ideas for fan fics is another story though... never easy if you want to plan it well and make it coherent...

Oh well.. grah... urge... to... write.. Stargate fics.... RISING... Gak...

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