Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

Saturday... start of the week...... (yes it is, for people living where I live.... ) about the only thing I look forward to is work... ain't lookin' forward to studying... nyeah....mind you I already did the Marketing tutorial questions for next tutorial today during the lecture. So I'm covered for that....

Got Systems Analysis tomorrow.... :: groan :: lecturer is about as fun as a box of matchsticks...

oh forgot to mention it... I hit a guy on Wednesday on the bus....his fault...
a) he hit me first
b) he's annoying
c) he was asking for it with his "you're a girl you can't fight" comments...
d) I just HAD to proove 'im wrong... :P

and th' jerk didn't say a word today even when I gave him a 'wicked' look and raised an eyebrow as he prepared to get onto the bus. At times I amaze even myself.. :P not like he can go complain to Eduardo (Admin in charge of transport) I mean which guy would ADMIT he got his butt royally kicked by a girl infront of 12 people on the bus? 'sides he started it first and I got the entire bus to proove it...

but ya... you mess with Jess, you sign your own death warrant either way; (If I wont' kill 'im the 'rumors' of him getting his hiney kicked by a librarian surely will kill 'im somewhat... :P yes I'm mean... hey he deserves it!) one way or the other..... and hey at least today the ride was peaceful! Normally the guy yammers his mouth off about how many females he's been in bed with and how easy they are and all yep.. I had a good reason to kick 'is if I had more room on the bus I'd REALLY show 'im that I can indeed kick butt and I'd gladly do it any day.....


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