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Got myself a digital voice recorder today... plus a Clip On microphone from Radio Shack for better recording quality because it's a omnidirectional microphone, which is similar to those they use in broadcasting as it picks up the sound from all directions....ok so I'm a nerd! :: wails::

Looking for a home theater system for my room too....stopped on a JBL brand for now; rest are either a tad (ok extremely) out of my price range (I'm planning to spend my own money on this one, got the DVD/VCR combo for Christmas from my parents, home theatre I'm gettin' myself TYVM) or totally useless.... or they come with a DVD player... and a second DVD player is something I don't really need..... at this rate I bet all the technology in my room will have cost me more than the clothes in my closet.. oh wait.. my computer already costs more than the clothes in my closet!! D'oh! Speaking of my computer, even THAT has a 5.1 surround sound speaker system whilst I'm still stuck watching DVDs on stereo from 2 speakers! :: shakes her head :: self assembled computers rule tho'. Sure at times they can cost more than on the market ones, but you're getting what you want and need without running around looking in all the hard places for the comptuer that you need...

On something that's off topic.....I got into doing the arrows puzzles lately when I get free time during breaks in college..they're kinda fun....puzzles that is.. not the breaks.. well the breaks too when I'm doing the puzzles.... ^_^; in case you are not sure what I'm talking about; go to for an example of an Arrows puzzle....


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