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I so need to find more time to study tarot in depth again....forgot most of the stuff I knew years ago because of lack of practice. Things kinda got in the way and bang, lost track of stff and forgot about other stuff...

Good thing my cards still work. (ep with Tasneen 19 days ago proved that much; which is what got me into thinking about getting back to the cards seriously again)

Layout-wise however, used to know about 20 different specific layouts and all, forgot those... just know the one card and the basic 4 card layout...we;; and the celtic cross, but I rarely use that one anyway; forgot all the specific ones.. aiye... need to kick people outta the house, sit down and do a few layouts for myself to refresh my memory and get myself into a habit of doing proper readings again. Yeah I do one card layouts sometimes, which also work...but for specifics, you kinda need a proper layout albeit a single or 4 card spreads work too. meh, just preference I guess...

That's part of the problem, people inna house, I hate being bugged by people when I'm trying to do a reading or something that NEEDS privacy and concentration...

Hrm... Jessie rambling now...and getting more weirder.. heh...

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