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Why do they have to keep the Knowledge Village campus A/C settings to North Pole?! I oughta send 'em my health bills some time.... and encourage other people to do the same... I can understand A/Cs in computer labs set to North Pole settings.... lotsa computers in the room... but classroms? where there's only one computer? no sense for setting the A/C to temperatures below zero...! OY!

If I come down with a cold/fever this season I'll sue...we're set to a busy performance schedule in December and end of November..... can't get sick there.....

ok teachers say "wear a jumper" bubba... ya don't need a jumper for temperatures like that you need a furcoat......and that's something I'm not willing to invest in.... nevermind that they're rather tricky to find in here....this being a summer all year long country..... why would we need furcoats?

Good thing I started carrying a box of tea bags with me, we can get hot water here from the dispencers so I can make myself some tea if I want to warm up. There's no tea/coffee in the cafeteria and the coffee machine in the hall is broken.... only things working are the Coke and Pepsi machines, and I don't drink that crud, cuz I've no idea what they put in it here.. ingridients are in Arabic, and it tastes funny compared to stuff overseas....

Got a class in a few minutes....then off to work till 6:30 PM...

Edit: :: DIES @ cold smiley :: yep.. that's about how I feel like right now....

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