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Allright, based on the recent week's events of dad coming in and going "we're going" I actually asked 'im what's up for tonight...

Here's the to do list for today:
- sort out insurance; yay/nay for Audi
- if Yay, go to Audi showroom, finalize the deal tell 'em to start prepping the car
- if Nay, beat up a couple of local young Arabs cuz it's THEIR fault! (J/K! but it is tempting )
- me go to homeopathy doc (mom wants to check it out, and of course, use me as a guinea pig cuz I'm more resistant to stuff and I resist most medical treatement without trying, so... go figure; my immune system outta whack probably, or as stubborn as I surprise there) here's the site BTW, poor grammar.. those Russians need to hire someone with proper grammar skills to do their site, maybe I can offer my services.. Mwahaha
- take mom to the dentist

Here's REALLY hoping an insurance company is willing to take on the Audi with an under 25 driver behind the wheel :: Crosses fingers, toes, and etc::

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