October 6th, 2007

Gibbs Cheeky


Yeah, Jess lives. if you can call it that, that is.

One more week then I'll probably shine a li'll light on what's been up and down and around in the past three months. I can safely say that a lot's been up and down. I'm still struggling with the main issue in my life right now, but to be honest, i think i'll always struggle getting over that completely, i never will in entirety, but then i can't go around doing insane things such as holding down a full time job and studying full time to keep that "issue" out of my mind either. Sooner or later it catches up with me and brings me down in odd ways and tears me up to pieces. (Guess who found THAT out the hard way!) Thank God for my boss, great guy. So many parallels with Alex too...and considering how i feel about coincidences...yeah. 

More on that and more next week.