June 12th, 2006

Gibbs looking back

Job hunt...

wow they weren't kiddin' when they said summer's a good time to get a job as an English instructor somewhere here. Course, again, they all need experience... *mutter* but 'ey.. nothing stopping me from applying to 'em. And I am.. ^^

However, I'm still a bit... irked that I keep playing with my CV/resume. and even more-so irked that I can't seem to judge my own skills without underselling myself horribly.

that's about as productive as I get these days, heh. Considering how much time I spend watching SG1 and 3rd Rock from the Sun and doing stuff around the house. (am not a complete lazy git!) Gotta keep my mind busy and myself distracted, I guess...am not sure how else to cope at this stage. heh.
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