March 15th, 2006

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

Two Hours and Fifteen Minutes....

[fangirl ramblings]
the best two hours and fifteen minutes of my life to date! :D

I was way closer this time, could actually SEE him play.

Close like oh.. a few hundred feet or so from the stage and the speakers.....(well...a few feet from the speakers actually... ) 'elp.. my ears are ringing still... heh.

He started with "So Far So Good" and went on with about 20 songs total. (I lost count.. O.o) but he did (and these aren't in order)
"18 til I die"
"Heaven" (we started singing before he did! heh)
"Everything I Do"
"Run To you"
"Summer of 69"
"Let's Make a Night to Remeber" (dedicated that one to the two bozos who were caught making out in their car and got thrown in jail)
"When You're Gone"
"Cloud #9" (last song)
"Best of Me"
"Straight from the heart"
"Cuts like a Knife"
"Back to You" (second to last song of the encores)
"Hearts on Fire"
"Can't Stop this Thing we Started"
"Please Forgive Me" (Acoustic version, as part of one of the encores)
"This Time"
"It's Only Love" (duet with Keith, they ended that one on their knees with their guitars up in the air after the last chords. that was sweet!)
"The Only Thing that looks Good"
"Open Road"
"All For Love" (One of the encore songs)

Almost got picked to sing "When you're Gone" with 'im but .... dang... well.. next time, maybe.. ^.^

Guy took a few potshots at the amount of construction here... said that about 25% of the world's construction is taking place in Dubai (dont' think he's too far from the truth with the rate things are going now... heh.) and that being in concrete business in Dubai must be a dream job, course it doesn't beat his current job.he said it! hehe.

But dang.. they really do enjoy playing more as much as the audience enjoyed listening to them! the slides they do... and the stuff in general they do with their guitars! WOW! double WOW! you can't repeat that on an album, well you can try but it wont' sound the same nor will it have the same kinda effect on things.

Acoustics were amazing! mind you with 8 suspended speakers on each side, plus four standing... and all this is outside (well in the Tennis Stadium, but it was an outdoors venue...) and me fairly close to the speakers....I tell you, if they tried any of their slides (they held one for something like a minute and thensome before cutting it off...) and chords with those acoustics INDOORS, they'd have to rebuild the whole dang building....

He came back for 2 encores. 5 songs total. 3 with the band and 2 on his own. He did "Cloud #9" and was like "are you guys going home tonight?!"  I got a bit... hehe, yelled out "Only with you!" yep.. I can be naughty.. but hey , it's Bryan.. I think I'm allowed to be naughty there.. Hehe

[/fangirl ramblings]
next Fangirl mode to be engaged roughly in two years ^^ Heh
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Gibbs big smile

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Ears still ringing. Heh.  looks like I have to tone down listening to loud stuff too much today (good thing I'll be outta the house for most of the day, folks and bro tend to 'talk' in very loud voices when they're discussing something....)

But 'ey :) 's all good... I'm sure it'll pass in a few hours, by tonight.. otherwise it might be a wee bit of a serious problem there...but I doubt that.
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Intrepid lost

Job huntin'...

Looking for jobs online and tweaking my CV yet again...I'm too restless to just sit by idling around and just attending classes anymore... it's highly frustrating... I gotta be doing something more...something else... get some cash flowing into my bank account to replace the cash I paid up for this semester.

I'm not too sure of what the field I'm looking for either... looking for something in the media/journalism, education, entertainment industry now... how.. messed up is THAT?! Yes I'm not too sure of what I want to do in my life...

*beats head onna desk*

seriously considering taking the sound engineering course in the uni next to ours... (course, my folks will be against it "there's no demand for that" ...>.< who cares, I have the knack for it and I've done it before... like there's any demand for college students nowadays... *mutters* ; 's not that easy to find stuff...) especially when you're kinda lost yourself and not sure what it is you want to do and what you will be comfortable doing. yes the lirbary is all good and such, but....I need more choices than just the library. who knows, I might enjoy something else more than I enjoyed the library stuff.

Ears still ringing, heh...although I'm used to it now, I'll prbably be freaked out when they stop.
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