March 13th, 2006

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

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Voila! -->   And no, graphics not by me.... but it looks more 'homey' now, IMO.

Oh , MacGyver == my latest 'obsession' Hehe. Watched five eps today. Can't  wait for Season 2+ DVDs to be released here.

NCIS DVD set comign out in July or so, not sure when it'll come out here... speaking of DVDs, yet to get Season 8 of SG1 and Season 1 of Atlantis...

ehrm.. yet to get a job too.... i'm looking at a couple of newspapers/magazines to join as a writer/editor or something.

Do one on one English lessons with my CELTA degree.. it pays okay, trouble just to find someone... as usual....I got the next week off so I'll be doing more job searching and fiddling with sites and such. writing too.. I've been writing stuff in bits here and there.  nothing finished yet tho' which is what I find frustrating.. lots of stuff in a lot of places, but no end in sight.. or the end is there, but no bit that joins the beginning and the end... 's irritating sometimes... and I need more Legal Pads....O.o  or a notebook mebbe...
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