March 12th, 2006

Gibbs: really?

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Java midterm.. wasn't *too* bad (considering I didn't study all that well, but I attended the lecutres and the labs and skimmed the book for most part) At least I answered all the questions and didn't go "what the....wait.. when did we do that?!"

Oh and.. back to fiddling with the template for the Horizon's forums... I'm weary of toying too much with 'em, but I think I'm getting there for most part: And no this isn't the end of perfect...but at least the top image doesn't fly outta the margins, it just stretches the postbits to hell and back in the UserCP.. O.o :: mutter:: but hey at least it shows up entirely and doesn't cut off at the NCC numbers. I gotta fiddle with the UserCP template too I reckon...

It helps when you got a backup/original version of the code under your hand to see what you've done wrong if you screw up. Hehe. I can say it is a bit... addictive and time consuming. Especially when you don't know what's what and you gotta look for a specific line/URL and you aren't sure which tamplate it's exactly in...but I reckon this is how you start this stuff out anyway; if you don't know what's what, you sorta explore stuff until you figure it out. At least this is what I do.
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