March 11th, 2006

Gibbs in a suit

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Ugh.. dunno what the hell I ate that made me stay up all night with a stomach bug and practically live in the bathroom for the night... O.o

wasn't all that better in the morning either, I didn't even go to uni today; stomach wasn't too shiny....and I wasn't sure it would be wise to risk it, rather get over it without any.. incidents...

So yeah.. stayed home.. cleaned up my room... upgraded the Horizon's forums to the latest version, added a new hack, upgraded the JavaIRC hack in there, added a new skin....and I'm still wondering why Mr whiny made such a big deal outta doing the hacks and upgrades. It's not that hard if you read the damn instructions! maybe it is hard if you don't read the instructions.... but there you go.. upgraded the forum for the first time and it's still standing.
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