March 8th, 2006

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

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been a rough few nights.. last night especially...i think the lack of sleep is starting to catch up.. heh. lack of coffee too maybe. only had one in the morning pretty much. morning being nearly eight A.M. Went to bed at way past four am, was up by eight.

I was too weary to concentrate on Java Lab, so I kinda I half arsed my way through one of the two tasks (hey at least it compiled!  and didn't stick around for Databases lab at all.  I got the lab sheet off of the secure site so I'll do the thing on Saturday and give it to him during the lecture.

Java midterm on Sunday, and Databases midterm on Tuesday...*mutter*

and still less than a hundred pages to go of Serenity (I'm getting hooked, I swear..... ) driving me nuts that it's not out on DVD yet and not on Showtime... Trired finishing it off earlier, but ended up dozing off for some time instead.. D'oh.. not sure how long for tho'... didn't look at the watch.

and... Alex/Cash get better , ya hear....?  We need all our crazies around
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