March 4th, 2006

Gibbs smirking

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You know.. first day, no job. I'm not really bummed out about it much. I actually feel...serene and okay with it.

If anything the stuff that's going on at the tournament still which will for sure reflect itself onto the Horizon in some way.....and the stuff that I've been writing at night tonight for FE... are really making me almost happy.

And Grenn's realised he's been playing his character as a human character even though she's Caitian too. Good thing there, if I've managed to portray Jackie as a real Caitian so people wont' have to look at the avatar, but just read the way the character interacts with people and how she does things and be able to tell she's not really human.

I was grinning like an idjit about the Dinner with Ta'pez thread (especially the OOC aspects of it, teasing ol' Tappy about beating his butt in with a replicated betleH amongst other things...) and the thread where K'Vok confronts Jackie. (surprised Jackie's being diplomatic / in counselor mode instead of just kicking the guy's butt...but it happens; highly amusing to read according to some people)

Mind you, lots of OOC chatter there, lots of possibilities, some of those threads/arcs are going to last longer than just the tournament; pity K'Vok can't come onto the Horizon, be lots of drama/fun stuff there! Lots and lots, guy;s a lunatic in ways (insane, because he's half Vulcan and half Klingon and has been sent to the asylum once already... ) though heh. so has my XO I believe... USS Horizon -- We're insane and proud of it! (how else do you fight off the bad guys, when the whole crew starts going "BWAHAHAHA" that has to worry the baddies! )

Man I wish I was getting paid for this!
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