March 1st, 2006

Daniel bed looking up

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Let's just say Jackie wouldn't quiet down today.. especially after the brainstorm bit I've had with Cash yesterday regarding Futility's End...I had a fic on the tip of my fingers there for a moment but mum walked in and threw me off by asking something off topic completely.. back with wanting to write something and knowing what i wanna write, but not being able to put it down on paper, wheras before I could actually picture the scenes and hear the words she spoke.

But whilst driving to work today, I did let my mind wander into a few scenes...a few darker conrers of the character, both versions of her in fact.

Granted, talk with Dan last night helped tons as well..(considering I stayed up pondering things for hours before falling asleep.. and  woke up with Jackie buzzing in my ear pretty much.. not sure which one it was exactly....

written a post on a whim started it at work and finished it during the Java lab. Jackie... being Jackie in more ways than one.  Just something I felt i had to write.  not sure how much sense it made, but... if it's written and it's... Jackie. *shrug*