February 15th, 2006

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

No more bloodwine for Jackie!

I swear! it's like..

Day 0, what'd Jackie do? Hang out in a bar, drink bloodwine, think to herself, met toreQ....got hit on by T'Shir, the bit in the brig with the Klingons where she and the base security guy get into  a skirmish with Klingons, qualification match where she gets scratched, dinner with  speedbumps(K'Hare) and Taylor, now hitting on a Klingon without realising it and getting hit on back....... and that's just ONE day In Character!!!

definiltey NO MORE BLOODWINE! >.<
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you know it's.... interesting in a way... second day in a row I feel totally 'meh' about stuff like work. Yeah I've been pre-occupied with the betleH tournament, but at work I'm pretty much "meh.. whatever, when do i get to go home already?" and constantly looking at my watch to see when the time's up.

Today I found two books that were different editions but they were in different sections on the shelf, I picked 'em up to take them to get them changed, but then put them back and just kinda went "Screw this, I don't care anymore"

it's scary really. I wasn't like that before...but this is probably due to the fact that I've got less than two weeks on this job, then I'll be cut off. (and cut up again?)
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