January 6th, 2006

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

Random rambles

Heh. Man.. what I wouldn't give to be able to do this in fifteen minutes:

Collapse )

That was done by a crewmember of mine. He does the Task Force banners as well. ^^ ;D  as you can see hes quite good at what he does.  Hehe.

My thing.. for the day:

Im' not even sure what the effect there is... O.o need to play more with that. But I did play with a lot of stuff on the forums and a bit on the TF website. Yet to figure out bits and pieces on the SMF, but it's going good so far. ::crosses fingers, toes, and everything that's crossable::

I need to do something about my writing, though. All I've been writing lately are e-mails to staff about future expansion of the TF. Well the IC COs meeting and hangout area, and a few technicalities with things. It's quite disconcerting when you can write 3-4 page e-mails talking about an idea or two, but have trouble writing for your own simm. or your own character. Although Jackie's feeling a little 'devilish' as of late. and not in a bad sense, but when the Commanding Officer of the ship takes a flying leap (literaly) off the second floor of the engineering just to freak everyone out and get a kick of adrenaline (still not sure why she did it.. O.o going in for the kill I guess..heh) yeah... I don't know... maybe I'm stifling her too much.... need to let her relax a bit in her own way. even if it's doing weird things like this... ahem...still need to finish the mini series I started back a few weeks... someone boot me to the head to get my creativity going or something.. Heh..
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