December 15th, 2005

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

Task Force rambles...

You know.. I got a sweet TF. at least two of my staff are hooked on NCIS, so that's already a bonus ^^hehe. And I do love the "hey Boss" references ;) although I'm still not used to being called that or being the one in charge. not that I've had a lot of time to settle into this quite yet. Ahem...

I seem to be doing okay for now, I mean the place's still standing. Of course I've not started making many changes in there, just yet. Got a lot of stuff planned that I'd like to do, but not without first discussing it with at least Mac since my 2XO is harder to catch online, but if it's a major change, then I'll just e-mail him.

So far no major changes are on the Horizon; they're all really just a bunch of minor changes. well okay maybe a few of the things I've got in mind are sort of 'major-ish' sort of....and that;s only if I decide to go with 'em. I've yet to observe things at work here some more.
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