December 5th, 2005

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

Can I stay in one place long enough?

Apparently not. heh. I've made it to Task Force Commanding Officer of Task Force 58 in BravoFleet. Yay me. I guess.I do wish this would've happened under lighter circumstances when I'm not so messed up emotionally... but... yeah.. it does make me wonder ...

Is it really at the right time though? Third week of CELTA, last few weeks of uni? Probably not, but I'm observing things for the first month or so anyway. Dont' want to make changes right away. In fact I'm not going to bust my tail changing everything on my site and whatnot right away. I'll do it in steps and when i have time.

::wonders what she got herself into.....:: Probably dragging myself into a hole yet again, but... I think this time i can see it coming... well for most part anyway. I think.. I guess... I don't know...
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