November 24th, 2005

Gibbs smirking

[Insert subject here]

After a week of technical stuff when it comes to English, I think I can unwind a little by reading something light. I can afford it, considering how little I sleep. ;) Hehe. Going to hit the assignments and planning for Saturday's lecture later on. Or maybe Friday. heh. Nah J/K , I'll have to do it  today later on during the day.

Although I do have to bring my attention back to the Horizon and do some recruiting and writing and more detailed plotting too...especially considering some.... erhm... things

You know, the lack of sleep in the last few months bit. I don't know.. I think 2-4 hours a night/few nights isn't that bad on my system. Okay I'm not 100% there, but I'm not entirely shattered either. I think I'm not anyway... O.o I've adapted to some degree I guess. Although I'm not sure if the 2/3 Starbucks Venti black coffee cups between 1230 and 2000 every day help ;)  Well no, they do help, and I"m not jumping off the walls so the caffeine isn't throwing me off in that way. (maybe after 14 cups it will..)

Hmm... now.. what to read.... Patricia Cornwell's first Kay Scarpetta novel might be an idea. It's been lying around here for a week or so now. :: goes to fetch ::
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