November 21st, 2005

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Mhm.. it completely slipped my mind that I've got an HCI class tomorrow.. and Java lecture, which I'm going to miss because it's at 1230 and CELTA starts at 1230 and I can't skip that (strict attendance rules...) but I think the two days of CELTA so far have made me feel like I'm doing CELTA and not an Undergrad degree, which to a degree is how it is actually.

I come home, I am quite exhausted. Even if time flies during the CELTA hours. And it doesn't feel that exhausting. I come home and I'm virtually barely standing.  And this is only Day 2. O.o Second day that I end up with a headache whilst trying to do the teaching preparation for the next day.  though naps help before I hit the teaching planning sets. Naps or just lying on my bed and not doing much of anything. I can afford that luxury for now. Lying around and not doing anything...
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CELTA : Day 3

Dang.. I can be such a pain in the mik'ta when I drive and when people are asking for it. On the way to uni, one guy just  hung on my backside and just started honking! No flashing lights, no nothing. I'm going at a steady 120KPH, and I dont' really want to move to the middle lane because folks are going 80KPH there. and I'm nearly late for my HCI class anyway. 's like what? are you the only one in a hurry? So I annoy the hell outta him by going at steady 120 (it's the limit anyways; dont' want to get caught by a radar and get a speeding fine, especially since they raised those in Dubai) He tries to overtake me from the left curb (which isn't allowed... ) I move slightly that way to block him and keep going calmly ignoring him.  He muddles about behind for some time before shooting up ahead and infront of me, I just kinda give him a little wave, thinking I'll see him up ahead anyway. Surely enough, I do :D

HCI class got cancelled... so wasn't really late for anything, but that gave me time to work on my CELTA preparation. I spent a few hours photocopying and copy/pasting stuff and photocopying it again to make handouts. I'm getting downright handy with the photocopier in the staff room; the library one is different.

CELTA training lecture didn't go all that shiny, but could've gone worse off... heh. I bloody rushed through the main part because I thought I'd be short on time! What's the point of making a lesson plan , when you end up not following it? >.< And they have to give us the self evaluation sheets, and hooboy.. that one's full of snide remarks! "Slow down!"  "Follow the darned lesson plan, that's kinda why you do them!"

Planning tomorrow's lecture, and.. ahem...  must take out the snide remarks  "give out handout, make sure they understand what to do, if not slap 'em upside the head" As much as I'd like to do that, I don't think that'd get me certified in teaching English ;)
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