November 18th, 2005

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Came home from work and started fiddling with the laptop. trying to set up the wireless network again; range doesn't extend to my room enough to keep the signal strong, so looks like I'll have to buy a signal booster. But that's not a priority right now, I'm just trying to make it look presentable now. Settings. Programs. Fonts. Sounds. etc. latest Avast! Defs ; latest Spybot updates, etc etc....

Was downloading updates, and I ended up dozing off right there beside my laptop.... oops... woke up with one heckuva headache. got back to the PC headache just seem to get worse overtime, so I gave in and went to lie down to kill it.

Get jolted up by folks to go out with the guests, since it's their last night in UAE, they're leaving tomorrow afternoon. So...yeah. meanwhilst I'm feeling all drowsy and not in that good a mood to do much of anything, especially go to a shopping mall where there's only ONE bookstore :: twitches:: I kinda hid myself there most of the time. didn't buy anything though.

::ponders dragging tail off to bed to try to get some sleep ::
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Gibbs: knowing smirk/sly smile


First a  meme swiped from someone on my friends' list...

You scored as SG-1 (from Stargate). You are versatile and diverse in your thinking. You have an open mind to that which seems highly unlikely and accept it with a bit of humor. Now if only aliens would stop trying to take over your body.

SG-1 (from Stargate)


Moya (from Farscape)


Serenity (from Firefly)


Galactica (from Battlestar: Galactica)


Nebuchadnezzar (from The Matrix)


Millennium Falcon (from Star Wars)


Bebop (from Cowboy Bebop)


Enterprise D (from Star Trek)


Your Ultimate Sci-Fi Profile: which sci-fi crew would you best fit in? (pics)
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Heh. Enterprise D's last. Wow. Wonder why. heh.

SLightly change of topic

CELTA starts tomorrow... I've got my stuff ready. I yeah... I think..... ::scratches head:: I think....have to juggle a lot of stuff in the upcoming weeks, but I thinking having my laptop with me will help. I will at least be able to work on assignments and maybe some writing stuff once I get settled in. Knowing me, all the creativity will hit me when I'm smackdown in the middle of something important, like 1230 - 2030 intensive four week course to get a Certificate for teaching the English Language to Adults... :: headdesk:: hehe

I guess we'll see what happens starting tomorrow.
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