November 16th, 2005

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

Mhmm... stuff

Yeah I've been around... just kinda not been infront of a computer long enough to do an update here.

Hung around with machello a bit today, went to Magrudy's to pick up my Sylvia Browne book and to house of prose to look for Patricia Cornwell second hand books. (all the NCIS forensics got me interested in this sorta stuff.. oopsy...and I remember reading one or two Patricia Cornwell's books back in my old uni)

Then the folks and the guests came by Jumeirah, met up with them there.Apparently my bartering skills arehighly regarded by my mom. The people we got over here (they're leaving on Friday) ; the woman wanted to buy a bracelet, the price the guy gave was 280 bucks, I knocked it down to 190. Hehe.

Now reformatting my lap top after some...issues at the beginning. It didn't want to reformat, so I had to find my recovery CDs and use those instead. Now that's all done. just have to set things up again, then I'll be taking it with me to uni for CELTA and to work on my assignments and TF stuff from uni.

And what's up with the AIM bots? :: beats up AIM ::
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