November 10th, 2005

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11 Midterms in one day == LOADS of people in the library and very few of them are studying quetly.... ugh... :: pelts with rotten fruit :: Geez.. but hey at least I'm not in one of my *gnarr* moods right now, don't feel like flying off the handle. Of course I think 4 hours of sleep helped...2 more than usual, yayness.. Heh. Might've been the NCIS stuff I watched yesterday night as well. I'm a tad confused at Bete Noire though... :S yeah the Ari business.

Urge to smack some people to the back of their heads is coming back, especially when I'm doing a headcount or clearing up the shelves and see some people hunched up in a corner talking either with eachother or on the phones...One of these days.. Bwahahahaha! Ahem... ::whistles innocently:: be fun to do though....

Though, heh. I'm still a tad out of things. Told someone we close at 3:30PM instead of 5PM, oops...

I need coffee...
Gibbs looking at


Was driving home from work, got a tune in my head, not really based on anything in particular... Lrycis actually match the tune, and I can't really reproduce the tune on here... so.. heh...started toying with a few words and came up with a 'ain't a problem big enough' line, then things kinda went on from there, sort one of sorts:

Ain’t a problem big enough
To knock me outta the game of life
Ain’t no mountain tall enough
To stop me in my tracks

Ain’t nothing in this life
To make me lose my line for long
No, nothing’s gonna stand in my way
Nobody gonna stop me now

Course if it's just a verse without  the melody it's bleh.. cuz  face it I'm not good at rhyming :P  Though I think I know why most people write songs with a co-writer....^_^  and duh it's not complete.... lest I put it up as a jingle of sorts.. and then the  mountain bit kinda makes no sense... lol. eh.. just toying with things I guess... and I have NO clue whatsoever where that one came from....