November 2nd, 2005


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Bleh. I just found a rash forming on my right hand...centered on the back of my last two fingers of my hand. I've been scratching that area alot today, took a look at it a few moments ago and I see those little red spots on and around the fingers back of my hand.

this is... hope it's nothing serious.just an allergic reaction to the Deep Freeze spray maybe? could've overdone it with the thing.

In other news...HCI report almost completed.. Huzzah... though I think I have a lot of rambling things in there... need to narrow things down and get to the point. I'm rambling anywhere right now pretty much I think....
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Hang on a moment

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Acting TFCO for a week since Brian's up off in Kuwait getting his knee fixed up...already dealt with a couple of things this morning...

Got dragged out by parents today. to City Center.  8way* too many people....came home so pooped I dont' know... huge headache, and my allergies spiked up again because of the crowds and tons of mixed up perfumes....bleh
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