November 1st, 2005

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Okay i dug up my wrist support and got that on around my wrist now, it's actually a tad better. Just needs support. and rest.... sadly...heh.

Site's okay too for most part, I just freaked out more than i needed to. Got a wee bitover the top there; I think the  huge hyper moment of working on things, then my wrist snapping, didn't help things much.  Yes even I lose my 'cool' and flip out over the small things, folks...snowball effect I think, that was...

Am only human in the end.
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Resting wrists helped a tad. As did putting the wrist support on my right wrist. only trouble was that, I've left it on too long. the one I have is too small for me, so it kinda cuts off the circulation; I've bought a medium one, but that's too big.. O.o still on the lookout for an adjustable one. But meanwhilst gotta use what I got. So yeah... wrist is more manageable right now, for the time being anyway. Though get the little tingling and little shots of pain through my figners as I type but at least I don't have the whole "dropping very light objects" thing. strained wrist.. aiy.. and ot be honest, if I do go to the doc' what's he gonna tell me? that I need to lay off of it, and i'll have to pay a hundred or so bucks for that particular assessment.. no thank you.. for now. heh.

i think I'm going to soak my hands in warm water today, to relieve the strain on the muscles. works with feet ^^ heh.

Change of pace for a ... change... I've realised that today's Tuesday already, which is like.. erf.. 3 more days to the midsession break (where'd the week go?) granted.. where'd the month go... right.. been up and awake too long to remember what day/time this is. it's like one huge day, with little naps here and there...and plenty of NCIS at night if I'm not on the computer. (odd that my folks have problems with me sitting at the c omputer (even if I'm writing assignments!) but they have no issues with me watching TV late at night... how does that work?) and, I've not done much uni work over the past few days, Bad me! :: slaps self::

Today that changed....

I've been working on my HCI assignment , along with my Java assignment and doing a few TF things on the side (like trying to write a post or two and still change a few more things on the website. yeah.. multitasking in a major way,.... 4  Word documents open (2 posts, a Bio, and the HCI assignment), EditPad, FTP client which I've not used in hours now, 15 FireFox windows, Eclipse JDK) Y'know I better NOT have anything meant for the Horizon end up on my HCI assignment... that'd be a little ... weird. but of course I've had a hard time keepig the Stargate references out of my assignments before, no matter how subtle.  ::pause:: actually I think I'll be more prone to NCIS references now...already got 'dirbag' as part of my vocabulary in places... ::hides forensic sites and database research she's done:: I now know more about blood patterns and how to intepret them than before...also time of death thing.. wow... uhm.. why was I even looking at that again?!

Despite my wrists being not up to complete par. I'd like to get the assignments finished and out of my hair ASAP, so come Monday/Tuesday I can just submit 'em without trouble. Java midterm on ...::blinks:: Monday I think.. same day the HCI assignment's due. the Java assignment is not due until Wednesday. Yeah.. they give us a midsession break and oodles of assignments due the week we return from the break...where's the break part?! O.o I could never get that...
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