October 25th, 2005

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yep, so

charming people on the roads here....and yeah that was sarcasm...I don't know... why stay on someone's tail to honk at them to move to the middle lane if the middle lane's BUSY?!?! What do you want me to do ? jump over 'em? absolutely no sense, whatsoever!

TF stuff-wise... making progress with things. Trying to make people communicate more with eachother in the Task Force to bridge the gap between "TF senior staff" "COs" and "crew" so to speak. Weeded out the roster on StarBase99 a little. E-mail to COs sent out in a co-ordinated effort between myself and Brian.

About the only thing I didn't do was play around with PSP yet. lol. as usual leave these sorts of things for last, unless it's something that needs to be done for someone else.

Still jumping on and offline...::beats up ISP:: can't hold a decent conversation with some people if I keep hopping on and offline. Speaking of conversations.... managed to talk to Ed, he seems nice and quite approachable.

Wow can I talk about anything other than TF stuff? O.o Nope, not right now, because if I do, it's going to be something along the lines of 'blah' right now.
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My wrists and the fingers on my hands are acting up again. I've had to take it easy with sitting around a computer too much/for long periods of time. Not very easy considering the stuff I do online.

And my stomach's been doing flip flops since last night. Probably something I ate yesterday. Didn't really have that much aside spaghetti and a salad. And obviously coffee. I'm still not eating quite 100% right or everything. Could be a stomach bug too. :-/ Can't stomach heavy stuff.

It oughta pass...though heh.. I've been saying the same thing for me sleeping two hours a night for the past.... month+: i'm still doing that. Think I'm close to memorizing the entire NCIS series (minus season 3 and part of season 2).

Hmm.. should watch some DS9 DVDs at some stage for some Trek inspiration; need to get my writing muse back into gear with regards to Trek. I got things planned and thought out in my head to a degree, but I have toruble writing things. I did a post for the Horizon; it took me 4 days to do four pages O.o normally doesn't take that long, normally I just sit and write and churn out a couple of pages in a single day...bleh


My boss at work noticed I'm looking a little pale (pale-r than usual... O.o)  Which kinda doesn't help when you got a stomach bug... course.. self diagnosis here, but at the rate my stomach's doing flip flops and me visitng the b-room... yeah..

Not helping things any with my hands on a little shaky side, quite literaly. Mostly joints aching, which results in fingers being way weaker than they should be; which stumps me at work sometimes. (Can't lift too many things at once, just moving things around is a bit of an effort....) Hell so is typing if i move my hands too much, and if i don't it's not that bad, but it goes up to my arms. O.o Erf.. not what i need before CELTA , and two assignments due in a week, and a midterm....

Though in the morning things are ok, or once I rest my hands by not doing anything with them 9which is VERY frustrating if I'm not doing much) but hehe.. NCIS == lifeline :D
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